Call to Action and Call to Arms Event rules

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Call to Action and Call to Arms Event rules

Post by quasar3d123 on Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:15 am

The following are the Rules for both the CTA events,

1) Please try to make it for all the battles, If the times are unreasonable for some reason do notify us beforehand. (In case you have class, its the middle of the night, prior plans, etc.)

2) Check in 20 - 30 minutes before the battle, So the leader can either assign roles or u can request them.

3) If you wish to take the lead and give orders in any battle please do say so while checking in so we can prepare.

4) Feel free to discuss strategies and ideas before the battle preferably on Kik, but war chat or union chat is fine too.

5) If you are the Ace (highest ranked in union during the war) Please try to make it for the battle so we can rally in case the leader is not available.

6) During Gang wars (Call to Action), A union gang is created usually as soon as possible. details about the gang will be posted on Kik and the Union. And it will be open to Public 1 hour before the battle. It is not mandatory to join the Union Gang, feel free to join any gang, however if you do join the Union Gang you are required to be present for that battle.

7) Do not use cheats, Hacks, etc.

Have Fun and from the immortal words of Salix and Zenny Lettuce Kick Some Grass. Razz

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